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World's Best Hotels: Pink Sands Resort

HARBOUR ISLAND, The Bahamas – This is a place to lay in the sand, build a sand castle, dine on conch salad, and contemplate whatever it is you think about when you're barefoot.

I Can See Cambodia from My Hotel Room

CAMBODIA – The sun sets violently in Cambodia, and though we started our ride in the light, we found ourselves plunged in complete darkness on the Gulf of Thailand.

A Few Days in Vail with the Family

VAIL, Colorado – After a season of East Coast meteorological woes, one Connecticut family did the smart thing: They went to Vail. And found many reasons to go back.

Fathom's 24 Best Stories of 2012

We've been everywhere this year, from the North to the South Poles, with a quick stop in outer space. Come take a spin around the world and down memory lane.

A Minibar Christmas

LISBON – I see a homeless guy masturbating. The same guy who yesterday I would have bet was having sex under his blanket. Well, why not? It's free. And it's Christmas. Small pleasures.

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