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How to Ask Buddha for Your Fortune

TAIWAN – They’re asking the divine spirits for advice, and there is a particular set of rules one must follow to do so. You don’t necessarily have to be Buddhist to do this. I like to view it as a free public advice forum.

Tucking into Taiwan: Ultimate Food Tour

TAIPEI, Taiwan – My relatives from the port city Keelung favor eccentric foods. I was once served a mysterious dish full of white, round balls. I was told with a giggle that they were chicken testicles.

Delhi by Design: A Neighborhood Tour

DELHI – Forget the tourist sights. One should explore the station area to see the real Delhi. It's fabulous. Animated. People engaged in daily tasks, oblivious to the crowds and cars.

A Night Stroll in Yangon

YANGON, Burma – He was wearing the traditional longyi and an open oxford shirt revealing a chest of dark hair. It was a swarthy beauty you'd expect to see on a runway in Milan. A reader story.

Links We Love: 3/16/2014

THE INTERNET – Painted travel books by Louis Vuitton, an Instagram feed in North Korea, and a new mag celebrating the industrial Midwest.

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