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WIN! A Dream Trip to India

One lucky person will win a $17,000 trip to India for two, to Delhi, Mumbai, and Udaipur. Want that person to be your? Then just enter yourself in the contest!

Fathom's India Giveaway: You Could Be Here

How great is the $17,000 India trip we're giving away be? Well, how easily can you picture yourself and someone you really, really like spending two days these amazing places? 

Literary Excerpt: Seen One Taj, Seen Mahal

"Why should I spend time and money on things and places I'm not interested in when so many overlooked experiences beckon?" An excerpt from Matt Gross's The Turk Who Loved Apples.

Fathom Questionnaire: Matt Gross

Bizarre travel rituals: I love getting a haircut as soon as possible when I land in a new country. Often this means I get a bad haircut, but it's a fascinating introduction to a new culture.

Best Day Ever: Bangalore

BANGALORE – The south-eastern Indian city has a vibrant theater scene, inspiring art, potent cocktails and photogenic burgers, and an urge to rock out. 

Little Black Book: South Mumbai

MUMBAI – Another gritty and glamorous city that doesn't sleep, where people come from all over the country to live out their dreams, and the skyline can stop you in your tracks.

Best Day Ever: Mumbai

MUMBAI – The founder of Mumbai Boss designs a perfect day, from breakfast sliders and pork buns to lethal cocktails in old heritage building lounges.

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