I travel for the ...

Fathom Questionnaire: Claire Mazur

Of a Kind co-founder Claire Mazur travels for the fluffy hotel bathrobes, for the lobster she'll never stop talking about, and to get as far from her laptop as possible.

Where to Go to Escape the Apocalypse

When the zombies strike — oh and they will! — you'll need a plan. Here's the ultimate escape list of hideouts on the high seas, in the mountains, and up in trees.

Burgers in the London Garden

LONDON - Shake Shack is opening in Covent Garden this week. If you're a Londoner reading this, go reserve your place in line. This place is going to be a sensation.

Best Day Ever: Fire Island

FIRE ISLAND, New York – Schedules don't exist and time is measured only by the ferries that come and go. Have the most relaxing day ever off the coast of Long Island.

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