I travel for the ...

My Best Souvenir

From Japan, a floral wreath. From India, a velvet child's hat. From Uruguay, a worn bottle opener. What's your best souvenir? Fathom travelers share theirs.

The Tropical Beach House Nightmare

BARU, Colombia –  At 5 a.m., we find every abandoned beach dog in town cowering in our living room, along with our caretaker, desperately trying to catch airborne patio furniture.

Is It Safe to Visit Cairo Now?

CAIRO – Countries around the world are lifting their travel advisories to Egypt. The media hypes a different story. What's the truth? We talk to travelers on the ground to get the truth.

InstaTrip: Furloughed Nation

INSTAGRAM – We're dreaming of the pre-shutdown days of our stunning national and state parks. Proof that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.

Giving Back: Runa Amazonian Energy Drinks

ECUADOR – When is an energy drink more than an energy drink? When it is helping to sustain, empower, and develop an indigenous community. The co-founder of Runa shares their story.

24 Hours in Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto

BERKELEY, California – A neighborhood so highly concentrated with delicious food your waistband may not survive the day. Go and taste one of everything, then taste one more.

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