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Tulum Essentials: The Scene

by Juliana Jaoudi

Outdoor living room at Jashita.


I found the fantasy in Tulum, Mexico.

Tulum has survived the hype and settled so nicely into itself. At this point, it's a reliable destination that always delivers. After considering countless Caribbean islands, Miami, and the Florida Keys, discovering Tulum made me feel just dumb. Why hadn't I already been there ten times? The place is magical and not overdone or overbuilt. Tulum is on the Mayan Riviera but has nothing in common with the junky all-inclusive Cancun scene or its jazzy cousin, Playa del Carmen. Drive on by those Vegas-esque resorts and head south. It's easy to rent a car at the airport, and it's worth every kilometer of the one-and-a-half-hour drive. 

Tulum delivers on unassuming, charming, cultural, natural wonders; affordable, fresh, unadulterated cuisine; white sand beaches that are bohemian with worldly comforts; loads of activities; a lot of yoga; and as much romance as you do or don't want. Go with a date, go with friends, take your kids. No need to feel weird if you are single. You get it: It's easy to feel at home in Tulum.

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Juliana is a digital media executive and sometime writer/amateur photographer. She lives in New York city but is a California-Parisian girl at heart and picking one is impossible and unnecessary. She travels for the jewelry, local art, and textiles.

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