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Tulum Essentials

by Juliana Jaoudi

Beachside at Jashita, Tulum. All photos by Juliana Jaoudi.

When you think you'll never see your way out of winter, head to Mexico. Sanity and revitalization await in Tulum.

TULUM, Mexico – Last year I survived my first New York winter, one of the worst in years, so I'm officially in the club. The club of tough it out 'til May 'cuz March feels like January and April is only slightly better. How do people survive this every season?

I'm told the best coping strategy is to carve out at least one long weekend of happiness and to find a place with warm sun, temperate waters, gorgeous beaches, a cool vibe, some culture and some adventure, an independent hotel, no more than three and a half hours away by plane, and no annoying tourists.

Hit the sound effects for loud screeching brakes: I must be dreaming. Can such a fantasy place exist?

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Juliana is a digital media executive and sometime writer/amateur photographer. She lives in New York city but is a California-Parisian girl at heart and picking one is impossible and unnecessary. She travels for the jewelry, local art, and textiles.

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