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Impressions from the Venice Biennale

by Paula de la Cruz

Photo: Paula de la Cruz

The Venice Biennale kicked off a few weeks ago and will last until November 24, 2013. Paula de la Cruz reports from the Grand Canal. 

VENICE – This was my first time at the Venice Biennale, the every-two-year artapalooza on the water. It was intense and amazing. But you have to pace yourself to let it all in. And you need time off to replay it in your mind. The variety, depth, and quantity of really great art at this year's Biennale is staggering. And the best of it doesn't really come from well known artists but rather from young and sometimes self-taught ones.

The city's finest moment may have passed centuries ago, but the Biennale, which debuted in 1895, is now filling la Serenissima with installations, paintings, videos, photos and sculptures that present new perspectives. In 2013, Venice is the city to visit. So search for an apartment or book a room in a musty palazzo, and be prepared to be wowed.

Paula is a designer and writer living in New York. She travels for the geography and to learn different ways of life across species.


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