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Best Lunch Ever: Lo Scoglio, Amalfi Coast

by Pavia Rosati

The summer scene in the dining room.

Lo Scoglio is an unlikely celebrity haunt, but it attracts a crowd, especially in the summertime when the yacht-going crowd from Capri docks their boats in the marina and comes ashore for three-hour lunches. (Though technically since the dining room is on a deck, no one ever actually touches a shore.) In addition to Nora Ephron and Larry Ellison, over the years I've seen Michael Kors and Steven Spielberg, as well as Lapo Elkann, who has been coming since his grandfather, Gianni Agnelli, was a regular. Not to mention lots of Italian senators and singers and actors and race car drivers whose names I don't know. If I kept track of Italian tabloids, this list would be a lot longer.

Pavia is the founder of Fathom. She splits her time between New York City and London but is happiest on the Sorrentine Peninsula. You can follow her at @pavianyc on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. She travels for the four-hour lunches.

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