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After Fashion Week, Designers Take Off: Tiffany Tuttle

by Team Fathom


Photo: Courtesy of Ada Hotel in Bodrum

The Designer

Tiffany Tuttle of LD Tuttle.

Where do you want to go next?

I want to go to Turkey for my next vacation. I went to Istanbul about ten years ago, and it still is one of my top three favorite cities. I really want to go again and explore more — the markets, the food, just wandering around the city. And then I want to go explore the Roman ruins around the country. I went to Ephesus and Pergamon last time I was in Turkey, but I have always wanted to go also to Aphrodisias, another site further inland.

At the end, I want to take a week and go to a Greek island off the coast to really relax. Last summer I went to Santorini, but I would like to go someplace a little more secluded this time. I have heard that Symi is amazing and very close to Turkey.

I travel for the

cafes. I spend a lot of time in Italy but I am always at the factory working. Every morning I stare longingly at the numerous cafes on my way to the train to go to the factory, wishing I could just spend the day just sitting at one of them. So when I am traveling and not working, I always love to spend hours sitting at the cafes wherever I am just reading and watching the people around me (and eating whatever amazing food I can find).

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