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After Fashion Week, Designers Take Off: Cynthia Rowley

by Team Fathom

Photo: Courtesy of Claska Hotel in Tokyo

The Designer

Cynthia Rowley

Where do you want to go next?

I've never been the shopping-trip-to-Paris type. The more exotic, far-flung, and unexplored, the better. Just like Pee Wee, I love a big adventure. So every opportunity I get, I go as far as possible. Places on my imminent hit list include Bhutan, Kenya, and Galapagos — or any good surf spots. Right after the show, I've booked Typhoon Lagoon at Disney World with a bunch of friends for a private night of surfing. The following week, I'm going to Tokyo to celebrate the ten year anniversary of my clothing brand and to introduce our art site, Exhibition A.

I travel

to see as many different cultures as I can before the world becomes completely homogenized.

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