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Saluting the World's Best Sandwiches: Pastrami on Pane Pizza

Pastrami on Pane Pizza. Photo by Erica Firpo.

Sandwich: Pastrami on pane pizza.

Eaten by: Erica Firpo, writer.

Where you ate said sandwich: Around the corner from Rome's Ghetto neighborhood.

Ingredients: Roscioli white pizza bread, home-made mayonaise, mustard, sliced cornichons, thinly sliced New York pastrami and a spritz of lemon.

Flavor profile: Enveloping and warm like a nonna's hug. The freshly toasted pane pizza, pastrami saltiness, crunch of cornichons, and piquant mix of lemon, mayo, and mustard make me feel loved.

Why it was love at first bite: Because the two best things in life are Italy and pastrami, and the only thing I'm missing in my world is a Langer's #44.


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