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Saluting the World's Best Sandwiches: Kaya Toast

Kaya toast must be eaten with soft-boiled eggs and a cup of coffee. Photo: Hajime Nakano / Flickr

Sandwich: Kaya Toast

Eaten by: Becky Cheang, editorial assistant at Fathom.

Ingredients: Two thinly sliced, toast-to-order slices of fresh bread, chunks of butter on one side, a generous smear of kaya (pandan-flavored coconut jam) on the other. Essentially, the local Singaporean take on English toast and butter. 

Where you ate said sandwich: I grew up eating this both at home and when dad decided to take the family out for Sunday breakfast. Any proper coffee shop in Singapore should have it, but my favorites are those that are open at two a.m., usually filled with old men and young teenage boys shouting at a soccer match on the 15-inch television hanging overhead.

Flavor profile: Mine is the only sweet sandwich in this roundup! Kaya toast paired with two soft-boiled eggs drowning in soy sauce is the perfect savory-sweet ratio; a hot cup of kopi-o (black coffee with sugar) is the perfect drink for it.

Why it was love at first bite: It's light enough to be my go-to, late-night, post-drinking meal, and it's always the last meal at the airport before I leave Singapore. It's the last taste I want in my mouth whenever I leave my home country.


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