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Vegas. I Did It All: Dig, Race, Ice.

by Rima Suqi

Get behind the wheel of this. Photo: Courtesy of Exotics Racing


Head to Dig This — an off-the-strip site where you can learn to operate real construction equipment, namely a bulldozer and/or excavator. (From $210.)

Then off to Exotics Racing where you get five laps in the exotic car of your choice (Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes AMG SLS, Audi R8...) with a professional driver in the car to instruct you. It's paddle shifting, and these are factory-direct racecars. I've only driven stick twice in my life, so decide to be a passenger.

I get in, the driver says, "How fast do you want to go?"

I say, "How fast are you comfortable going?"

He says, "Ma'am, that's not a question you want to ask me."

I survived without closing my eyes or peeing my pants. We lapped the Corvette. (From $199.)

Back at the Cosmopolitan, grab a slice at the not-so-secret pizza place on the third floor. (No phone.)

Have a hammam treatment at the in-house Sahra Spa. The hammam room is a $3 million beauty that's all stone with heated stone beds. I have to be peeled off said bed at the end of the treatment.

Buy Coola sunscreen at the spa store. It's my favorite, it's all natural, and impossible to find in New York City.

Have a pre-dinner drink at The Chandelier, a three-level bar swagged in two million beaded crystals — with a bar on every floor, each offering a different style of cocktail. Tried Campfire Delight, a s'more in a glass, complete with toasted marshmallows on top.

Dinner at STK. I hate restaurants where the music is so loud you can't hear your dining companion, like this one. Since you can't talk, you concentrate on the food. Which was — I hate to say it — very good. Chef Steven Hopcraft picks great cuts of meat, "accessorized" by generous usage of truffles and foie gras.

Do a quick drive-by at Minus 5, one of those bars where everything is made of ice: the structure, the furniture, the glass that holds your drink. Don a fake fur (provided by them), which sets the tone, and actually had a great time (and great drink — the bartender rocked). (Entry starts at $15; pricier packages include an outfit of faux fur coat and Ugg-style boots. Two locations: Mandalay Bay and Monte Carlo.)

Rima is a writer/producer and keen observer (follow her musings at @explorima). She travels to get out of her comfort zone, challenge her pre-conceived notions, and use up as many pages in her passport as possible.


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