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Eye Candy

A Colorful History

by Berit Baugher

Outside Draper's Café at The Greenbrier. Photo: Michel Arnaud

"An eye-catching antique corner settee is placed for waiting guests outside Draper's Café. The unique piece is painted with white lacquer trimmed in gold leaf. One of the white-plaster monkey wall sconces frolics happily on the banana-and grape-leaf wall covering."


Mr. Color, by Carleton Varney (Amazon)

This story is excerpted from Mr. Color: The Greenbrier and Other Decorating Adventures (Shannongrove Press, $95), by Carleton Varney, and is reprinted here with permission.


 American Glory at the Greenbrier (FATHOM Postcard)

Berit is an editor at Fathom. You can follower her on Instagram and Pinterest. She travels for sweets and beautiful design.

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