USA: The West itineraries

Give me land, lots of land, under starry skies above. Don't fence me in. Let me ride through the wide open country that I love. Don't fence me in.
- Cole Porter 

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Airstreaming Across America

THE WEST – It felt like entering a brand-new airplane that was ours for the week. A Gulfstream was out of reach, but an Airstream could squeeze into a budget.

In Praise of the Unplugged Vacation

I noticed a dusty pay phone and realized I have no idea how much a coin call costs anymore. For me there was a freedom in being unreachable for a few days. For some others it was torture.

Best Day Ever: Glacier National Park

GLACIER, Montana – Sit back in one of the rockers in the main lobby and crack open the paper in front of the perennially blazing fireplace, which is the size of a small dance floor. 

How to Ski Apache-Style

RUIDOSO, New Mexico – New Mexico is an unlikely state for a ski trip. And Ruidoso isn't fancy. If it were a shoe, it would be a Hush Puppy. No frills, but reliable and gets the job done.

Look Up! Flying High at Balloon Fiesta

ALBURQUERQUE – The parking was horrendous; the food was marvelous (I ate my weight in funnel cakes). But the balloons were pure spectacularness, and I didn't even go up in one.

A Few Days In Scottsdale, Arizona

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – You're here for the hikes, the wide-open sky and rugged, desert terrain, and the visual symphony of Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture.

Land of Enchantment: A Weekend in Santa Fe

SANTA FE, New Mexico – It's a 400-year old town of adobe architecture and stark, clear blue skies. You know why the artists came to paint. With these tips, you'll never want to leave.

7 Magic Pit Stops of Taos

TAOS, New Mexico – If driving was ever poetic, it's a car curving along the winding road, past the alpine meadows and expansive horizon. Pull over (slowly, carefully, often).

Thieves Are Just Nice People on Drugs

RENO, Nevada – Burning Man kicks off today. Are you ready? Glowsticks? Jerky? Chapstick? Our survival guide has everything you need. Remember: Don't climb the art.

Just Back From: Philipsburg, Montana

MONTANA – This was especially great: A land preservation bumper sticker that said "cows not condos." What's the local speciality? Taxidermy and candy.

The Dog Digs the Spa

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO – Reader Chrisine Gillow sends a Postcard about an amazing day with her beloved pooch at Ten Thousand Waves spa.

Darkness Falls in Montana

MONTANA, USA – Unheated, with only a lantern as electricity, each cabin came equipped a vintage wood stove, playing cards, and a canister of salt.

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