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New Orleans shops

New Orleans isn't a city. It's a Petrarchan sonnet. There's no other place on the planet like it. I think it was sawed loose from South America and blown by trade winds across the Caribbean until it affixed itself to the southern rim of the United States.
– James Lee Burke

€1 - $1.1
75 °
Afternoon sun at Avery Fine Perfumery.

Look beyond the beads — there's antique curiosities, wooden toys, and local art for the taking.

Aidan Gill

  • Uptown, Barbershop, Boutique, $$$$ $$
  • 2026 Magazine St.
  • New Orleans, LA, 70130
  • +1-504-587-9090
  • Website | Email

Gents can shop for fancy razors, toiletries, and bow ties while waiting for a hot-towel shave and haircut in the old school barbershop chairs at the back of the shop.

Ann Koerner Antiques

  • Uptown, Antiques, House and Home, $$$$ $$$
  • 4021 Magazine St.
  • New Orleans, LA, 70115
  • +1-504-899-2664
  • Website | Email

A beautifully curated collection of rustic housewares, shabby chic antiques, and 19th-century furniture.

The Arthur Roger Gallery

  • Warehouse District, Gallery, $$$$ $$$
  • 432 Julia St.
  • New Orleans, LA, 70130
  • +1-504-522-1999
  • Website

A rotating cast of the city's best local artisans and contemporary artists display their work (drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media) at this pioneering gallery.

Avery Fine Perfumery

  • Warehouse District, Boutique, $$$$ $$$
  • 527 St. Joseph St.
  • New Orleans, LA, 70130
  • +1-504-522-7102
  • Website

A sunlit shop — filled with salvaged woods, metals, and mirrors — stands alone on this quiet street in the gallery district. A small collection of very special, hard-to-find French perfumes and artisanal colognes are available for the spritzing (onto feathers), sniffing, wafting, and collecting.

Faulkner House Books

  • French Quarter, Bookstore, $$$$ $$
  • 624 Pirate’s Alley
  • New Orleans, LA, 70116
  • +1-504-524-2940
  • Website

Rare first editions of Southern literature along with a nice selection of contemporary fiction are stacked floor-to-15-foot ceiling. Pick up a little Tennessee Williams or Walker Percy for the ride home.


  • Uptown, House and Home, $$$$ $$$
  • 2844 Magazine St.
  • New Orleans, LA, 70115
  • 1+504-899-2122
  • Website | Email

A home design shop with vintage and contemporary furniture, art, antiques, and awesome tabletop pieces.


  • Uptown, Specialty, $$$$ $$
  • 3025 Magazine St.
  • New Orleans, LA, 70115
  • +1-504-520-8311
  • Website | Email

Lovely sweets shop is very generous with samples. Pick up pralines and chicory coffee gelato for immediate consumption. Take back souvenirs in gorgeous packaging.

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