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New Orleans hotels

New Orleans isn't a city. It's a Petrarchan sonnet. There's no other place on the planet like it. I think it was sawed loose from South America and blown by trade winds across the Caribbean until it affixed itself to the southern rim of the United States.
– James Lee Burke

€1 - $1.1
75 °

There's eclecticism at every turn: Historic mansions, modern skyscrapers, Greek revivals, haunted French Victorians, quirky shot guns, bohemian hostels, and colorful Creole cottages.

Cornstalk Hotel

This French Quarter mansion stands back a bit from Royal Street, which makes for prime veiwing beyond the iron cornstalk fence. Inside, hallways and guest rooms have high ceilings, chandeliers, fabric wallpaper, and stately Victorian furnishings to match.

Hotel Nicholls

  • French Quarter, Timeless, $$$$ $$$$
  • 714 Governor Nicholls St.
  • New Orleans, LA, 70112
  • +1-415-788-7500 ext. 200
  • Website | Email

This French Victorian home is a permanent setting in my recurring New Orleans dream. The double parlors, three kitchens, and seven bedrooms are lavish and artful, yet there's a hint of decaying glamour — an essential quality for a proper fantasy. The home (a Francis Ford Coppola resort)  is only available for long-term stays.

International House

  • Central Business District, Modern, $$$$ $$$
  • 221 Camp St.
  • New Orleans, LA, 70130
  • +1-504-553-9550
  • Website | Email | Reservations

Oversize Beaux-Art building with oversize furniture, flecked gold, and lots of damask fabric. Business travelers looking for extra pizazz should book here.

Lanaux Mansion

Old-fashioned rooms for let are cute, kitschy, and close to Frenchmen Street. Which means you can make a quick stumble home after a night of heavy jazz.

Loft 523

  • Central Business District, Modern, $$$$ $$$
  • 523 Gravier St.
  • New Orleans, LA, 70130
  • +1-504-200-6523
  • Website | Email | Reservations

Imaginatively designed boutique hotel, where each of the 18 rooms is airy, spacious, and decorated like an artsy urban loft. Bonus points for the huge bathrooms and personal hotel assistants (who cater to your whims).

The Roosevelt

  • French Quarter, Timeless, $$$$ $$$
  • 130 Roosevelt Way
  • New Orleans, LA, 70112
  • +1-504-648-1200
  • Website | Email

The NOLA landmark hotel has old-fashioned appeal (big marble lobby, over-stuffed furniture) and a few modern updates, including a huge post-Katrina renovation and chef John Besh's Domenica restaurant (a somewhat boring dining room turning out fantastically un-boring dishes).

Soniat House

  • French Quarter, Timeless, $$$$ $$$
  • 1133 Chartres St.
  • New Orleans, LA, 70116
  • +1-800-544-8808
  • Website | Email | Reservations

For those craving a nostalgic, genteel Nawlins setting, there's this charming wrought-iron townhouse triplet filled with French antiques, Frette linens, and quiet courtyards.

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