The Hamptons itineraries

When people are in the Hamptons, they're up with the birds and barefoot all day.
– Barbara Costikyan

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Checking In: Topping Rose House

BRIDGEHAMPTON, New York – Topping Rose House Inn is just finishing its first season in the Hamptons. We checked in to check it out.

Daddy-Daughter Hamptons Weekend

AMAGANSETT, New York – David Kamp splurges on a mid-week stay at The Reform Club Inn with his teenager before sending her off to camp. It's worth every penny.

Laid Back on the North Fork

GREENPORT, New York – Greenport, located at the dwindling end of Long Island's North Fork, is smaller, sleepier, and weirder than anything you'd find in the Hamptons.

The Joy of the Off-Season Hamptons

THE HAMPTONS – Six-packs in hand and scarves wrapped tight, we trekked the Walking Dunes beneath brilliant sunshine and hardly encountered another soul. 

Summer Share

"I experience that juiced-up feeling of anticipation I always get at the beginning of another Hamptons summer." An excerpt from thriller "The Beach House," by James Patterson and Peter de Jonge.

A Field Guide to the Hamptons

This is where New Yorkers come to pretend they're Hawaiians, surfing and smoking pot and living the materialistic version of the hippie lifestyle. They're proud in Montauk. And they're cooler than you are.

Literary Excerpt: "Light Years"

"The Irish sailors," Peter tells them, "never learn to swim. Not even a stroke. The sea is too strong." An exerpt from Bridgehampton-based novelist James Salter.

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