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In London, love and scandal are considered the best sweeteners of tea.
- John Osborne

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Checking In: London's New Hotels

LONDON – Whether you're looking for an Edwardian vibe or state-of-the-art everything, the new entrants on the competitive London hotel scene will fit every travel bill.

Burgers in the London Garden

LONDON - Shake Shack is opening in Covent Garden this week. If you're a Londoner reading this, go reserve your place in line. This place is going to be a sensation.

Love Letter: Nopi in London

LONDON – This is passion, raw and unfettered. This is an Olympic gymnast in the kitchen. This is simple, you're told. "Five ingredients."

I'm Here on Business

LONDON – You're busy, so we figured out London for you. Here's your quick, essential guide to impressing clients, blowing off steam, living like a local, loading up on culture, and scoring souvenirs. 

I Have One Day

Who said one day isn't enough to get a feel for the city? Our classic touristy single-day itinerary takes you from the Changing of the Guard to an oyster lunch and before-bed espresso.

Inside the Fringe Private Olympics Club

LONDON – Pop-up lounge The Fringe 2012 gives Olympics fans more time to enjoy the games over a pint and less shuffling behind 5,000 foreigners removing their belts at security. Game on.

Jamaican Me Hungry

LONDON – Jamaica fever isn't just at the track with all eyes on Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell. It's also at the best Caribbean restaurants around London. These are the ones worth springing to.

Where to Go from London

LONDON – When you've had your fill of that f*@#$%! tube, pick a direction and plot your city escape.

Farming, Foraging, and Feasting in Wales

WALES – Going to London for the food? Detour to Wales, where the food scene is thriving. I expected to eat fried, bland food and gray vegetables and drink basic pub beer. I was ridiculously mistaken.

I'll Eat in Scotland Before Ye

SCOTLAND – I have an Olympic appetite for oysters, dairy products, and whisky. No one told me that Scotland produced the holy trinity of foodstuffs. 

Time Travel Through London

LONDON – The talk may be all about London 2012, but London 1066 and London 1870 were just as hopping. Here's a tour of the city through the ages.

Best of the Web: London

We trolled the internet so you don't have to. Here are links to articles, info, and resources for London.

Bukhara Pops Up in London

LONDON – Legendary Delhi restaurant Bukhara has opened a pop-up outpost in Knightsbridge for two weeks. Too bad you can't get in.

Ten Best London Family Hotels

LONDON – We found the ten best parent- and kid-approved hotels throughout London. Zoos, kid concierges, nannies, kites, parks — everything but Mary Poppins.

Three Days in London with the Kids

LONDON – Everyone is going to London in 2012. No wonder: A short family trip packs in fish and chips and pirate ships, dungeons and Legos, gardens and pools.

The Magic of East London

EAST LONDON, UK – It reminds me of the New York of my childhood when Soho began to evolve. Post-warehouse, pre-mall: a pretty magical time in a neighborhood's life.

Scenes from East London

EAST LONDON – Shoreditch, Broadway Market, Hackney: The streets are alive with great design, terrific food, and scenes you want to dive into. Have a look around the neighborhood. 

Christmas Lights on Regent Street

LONDON – Some things always remind me of home wherever I happen to be. Christmas lighting ceremonies is one of them. A view from Regent Street. 

Everyone Is Banksy in Bristol

BRISTOL, UK – The graffiti and street art scene is thriving west of London, led by Banksy, supported by the government, and instigated by turf wars.

The Sweet Soldiers at the Royal

LONDON, England – We had initially been amazed by the architectural history, but found the Royal Hospital full of living history as well, of old soldiers waiting to share their stories.

A Horse's Gamble in Windsor

WINDSOR, England – Sadly, I had no time to tour the great Windsor Castle, nor Eton College. The races were starting at 14:25, and bets had to be placed.

Simple Lunch with Marco Pierre White

LONDON, England – Bad-boy English chef Marco Pierre White sat for "My Last Supper, the Next Course" photographer Melanie Dunea, then treated her to a perfect lunch.

Classics and Royals with the Kids

They may never go back to the park once they've seen the playgrounds of England's kings and queens. That's when you show them of the cells at Tower of London. It's all in a royal tour of London.

Traveling Solo

If you're by yourself, you're in for a great time. From classic bars and global cuisine to art, music, theater, and spas, here's your ticket to a singular nirvana.  

How Locals Spend a Saturday: Eating on Maltby Street

LONDON – Nearby Borough Market may get all the attention, but Maltby Street is where the indie foodie spirit is thriving. On Saturdays, Bermondsey is the unlikely place to be for food, style, and healing gardens.  

A Lunchtime Stroll Back in Time

Even a ten-minute stop at the Wallace Collection is uplifting and enriching, peaceful and calming. With so much beauty to absorb around you, you automatically push your worries aside. I never tire of it.

Local Obsession: Football

Stadium tours and fake jerseys; fan chants and the pubs to sing them in. You don't have to be a hooligan to get in on the national sport. (When it's not cricket season, that is.)

Ahoy, Fowey! Cornwall with the Kids

CORNWALL, ENGLAND – In the fudge shops, the bakeries, and the very relaxed chowder house, Americans will see the genesis of every last New England seaside town. 

Royal Ascot: Big Day at the Races

ASCOT – Forget the Queen. Let's talk about the Model U.N. that is international racing. Exotic Middle Eastern sheikhs mingle with dashing Frenchies and loudmouth yanks.

Brawn and Brains

LONDON – Everything about Brawn is genteel, friendly, cozy, and fun. The bar is decorated with a birdcage and fake parakeet; cookbooks share space with wine bottles on the shelves. The young mix with the old, the hipsters with the stodgy.

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