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Paris is always a good idea.
- Audrey Hepburn

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Less Than 24 Hours in Paris? No Problem.

PARIS – This is a great place to watch the relaxed, poetic Paris. Fountains, statues, perfectly manicured lawns, and wild flowers frame that which France rightfully owns.

Paris Fashion Week Idyll

PARIS – From Flash Gordon to Calder mobiles to breathtaking baby's breath bouquets, we're kicking off vice week by pondering the mysteries of French fashion.

Forget Versailles. Go to Vaux le Vicomte

MAINCY, France – Forget Versailles. There's a better, more intimate château just as close to Paris. Same designers, same scandalous history. It's the ultimate antidote to Fashion Week.

Traveling Solo: Eat at the Bar in Paris

PARIS – Alone in one of the best cities for food on earth? Grab a seat at a bar. The people around you will talk to you (nicely, even) and make you feel welcome. 

How Locals Spend a Sunday: Paris

PARIS – What do you mean all of the stores and restaurants are closed?! Your day is not lost: Here's a quietly lovely day. Food, shopping, and culture included. 

I'm Here on Business

PARIS – You're busy, so we figured out Paris for you. Here's your quick, essential guide to impressing clients, blowing off steam, living like a local, loading up on culture, and scoring souvenirs.

Love Letter: Le Meurice

PARIS – But once inside, I encountered the unexpected: perverse touches tucked discreetly among the baroque grandeur of crystal chandeliers and gilded settees.

Little Black Book: Floral Saint Germain

PARIS – Deborah Needleman, a consummate gardener, shares her favorite floral shops in Paris. Very old lady styles, soothing pastries, and grand taxidermy included.

Love Letter: Hôtel Duc de Saint Simon

PARIS – The increasing rarity of delightful small hotels must be the direct result of a clambering desire for trendy, boutique shitholes. Deborah Needleman finds her perfect inn.

A Literary Tour of Paris

PARIS – Where did Hemingway live and drink in the 1920s? Where is David Sedaris reading next month? We have the list of Paris literary haunts both past and present.

For Your Bookshelf: Literary Paris

If you can't have Paris under your feet, you can have it in your imagination. Here's a highly subjective reading list of our favorite books about the City of Lights.

Love Letter: Hôtel Plaza Athénée

PARIS, France – When I told him I was taking my mother, he shook his head. "Oh no, no, no, Gabriella, when you get a room at the Plaza Athénée, you must take your lover."

Paris Remembers, Paris Forgets

PARIS – Was living here part of a carefully cultivated image, a way to give rich patrons the edgy thrill of slumming? Or did building a little house cost that much money, even here?

A Walk Home through Paris, 1927

"That's when I looked left and saw the opera house itself, so grand I'd missed it, shimmering like wet fondant, like a great domed cake." A Paris excerpt from "The Last Nude."

Hometown Debrief: Paris

Best place for an afternoon coffee? Le Rocketship is a darling cafe and design boutique. I love chatting with Benoît, the owner, as I sip my chai.

Paris in a Pita

PARIS, France – There's more to Paris than coffee and croissants, fine wines and soufflés. You simply must make room for falafel.

The Perils of Shopping Le Bon Marché

PARIS, France – Some people like to shop for clothes. Not Melanie Dunea. She's after the goat cheese and saucisson. Adventures of a shopping spree.

A Tale of Two Cities

Amelie or Carrie? Baguette or bagel? Brasserie or diner? "Paris versus New York" settles the score once and for all.

Best Day Ever: Paris

PARIS, France – Yes, you need three stomachs and 36 hours for my best day ever. But that's Paris; it's magic.

Mommy-Daughter Weekend in Paris

PARIS – Cliche as it is, the city holds special charm for girls. Christina Ohly takes her daughter on her first trip, and falls in love with the city anew.

New Shop: Paris

Parfums et cinema. Livres et macarons. Recreate the joie de vivre of Paris with the click of a mouse.

A Mona Lisa Crush

PARIS – If I didn't know any better, I would have thought I was caught in a swarm of paparazzi vying to get a shot of Justin Bieber emerging from a strip club.

A Perfect Rosebud

PARIS, France – For me, it is the best of France: a place of permanence, of ritual, of detail. It's the bar I was looking for when I moved to Paris.

Birthplace of the Glamour Shot

PARIS, France – He looks as though the ghost of Cary Grant has seized him. The Harcourt aesthetic was conceived to symbolize celebrities as demigods, simultaneously present and untouchable.

A Fine Morning in Paris

PARIS – A literary excerpt from Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises" depicts a fresh Paris morning. 

A Noble Beast in Paris

PARIS – I could hear strange sounds from inside. I imagined the soundtrack of a monster's belly, the muffled noises coming from visitors trapped and gurgling inside.

My Parisian Fantasy

PARIS, France – With a naughty chuckle he explains, "Madame Pompadour was fond of this glass because there was no stem. She preferred to stick it in her cleavage." 

What's in a Word? Bohemian

Scenes de la bohème depicted life in the 1840s Latin Quarter and was written by Henry Murger, who, unlike the trust-fund poseurs inhabiting present-day bohemias from Williamsburg to Berlin, was an authentically poor, deeply dedicated writer who died before the age of forty.

Midnight in New York, Dreaming of Paris

PARIS, France – "Old thrills and new, timeless and current, I was in its spell, and in the spell of Paris." Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris" transports Gabrielle Gershenson to the city of her dreams.  

Latin Quarter on a Dime

PARIS, France – Checking into the Hotel Odeon is like being a guest in an old French manor. It’s a European building that defies physics, all beams, plaster, and sloping staircase.

L'Ultimate Hotel

PARIS – The private underground hammam pool is free for guests. Can you think of a better way to end a hard day in Paris than swimming naked in your secluded candlelit grotto?

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