Rome itineraries

In Rome you long for the country; in the country — oh inconstant! —  you praise the distant city to the stars.
- Horace

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La Dolce Everything: Rome on Two Wheels

ROME – Pack up and move to Rome, start a business show people around on a Vespa, fall in love. Sounds like a solid life plan. Scooteroma's Annie Ojile takes us on a zippy tour.

New! Improved! Fathom's Rome Guide

ROME – From the top of the Pincio around the Tiber to Villa Borghese, we dug through gelatos and frescoes on foot and on Vespa to to update our Rome guide.

Best Day Ever: Rome

ROME – That was fast. Now that the cardinals have picked a new pope, we suggest a walk from the Pantheon toward spaghetti alla carbonara, fried artichokes, and zabaglione with melted chocolate.

Hello, Roma, My Old Friend

ROME – Eiffel Tower? Went up when I was seven. Tower of London? Check. Coliseum? Of course. But what do I really remember? Maybe my child-size visits weren’t enough for a lifetime.

The Divine Porchetta of Rome

ROME – Porchetta from heaven. That's what awaits inside the hole-in-the-wall that's been serving it since 1890. (And don't bother looking for it in your guidebook.) 

How to Roam Like a Roman

ROME – Gelato is eaten after lunch and dinner, but also before lunch, before dinner, and before or after coffee. Basically, anytime you please. 

Hometown Debrief: Katie Parla's Rome

No trip to Rome is complete without: Getting ripped off at least once (I'm looking at you, Roman cab drivers), eating a plate of carbonara (preferably at Roscioli), and having a gelato.

Fathom Questionnaire: Katie Parla

Bizarre travel rituals: I spend the whole night before I go packing for a trip, typically from 1-4 a.m., generally being inefficient and failing to learn from experience. I always forget something critical.

New Shop: Rome

ROME – Can't get to Piazza di Spagna in time for an afternoon gelato? Live la dolce vita wherever you are — even if that means an ice cream on your neighbor's stoop. 

Love Letter: Al Moro

ROME – Roman cuisine is basic, served by rightfully proud waiters. It is not mind-blowing and it is not rude. And it is definitely not Eat, Pray, Love, and even less Eat, Pay, Leave.  

Aperol from the Roman Gods

ROME, Italy – He delivered the spritz to me in a red wine glass — not a chalice, as my dream memory had translated it — and it was the most refreshing balance of flavors I have ever tasted.

The Roman Leatherman

ROME – The chair arrived in London in a long tube a few weeks later. The craftsmanship is superb; the leather is beautiful. Ben spends many a sunny afternoon lounging in his courtyard, exactly as he had imagined.

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