Copenhagen itineraries

The Danes think of their neighbors as they would members of their family. Denmark is the baby sister whose idea of fun occasionally shocks.
– The Xenophobe's Guide to the Danes

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VIDEO: A Breezy Tour of Copenhagen

COPENHAGEN – VIDEO: What will you do on a four-day trip to Copenhagen? Bike everywhere, drop by the local pot market, go bar hopping, and make new friends.

What the Hell is "Hygge"?

COPENHAGEN – If you want to get to know Denmark and the Danish — and right now everyone does — then we have to start with the basics.

Local Obsessions: Danish Smørrebrød

COPENHAGEN – The end result is a visual masterpiece — almost too beautiful to eat. There are hundreds of varieties, the most important elements being creaminess and crunchiness.

Little Black Book: The Danish Chef

COPENHAGEN – Bo Bech, award-winning chef behind hot spot Geist and former host of Danish television series Knife on the Throat, lists his favorite local dining spots.

New Shop: Copenhagen

Peruse our Danish design shop and ponder which came first, the chicken or the egg chair. 

Let's Fly to Denmark for Dinner

COPENHAGEN – How far is too far to travel for dinner? That depends whether your friend scored you a table at Noma. This is what the world's greatest meal looks like.

First Impressions: Copenhagen

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Fathom's assistant editor explains the hygge phenomenon, the 7-11 phenomenon, and why Danes love their badass queen.

Just Back From: Copenhagen

COPENHAGEN – Kodak moment? This sounds creepy, but walking through Assistens Kirkegård, a cemetery where Hans Christian Andersen and Søren Kierkegaard are buried. 

Best of the Web: Copenhagen

We scoured the web to find the best articles, resources, and sites about Copenhagen, saving your fingertips hours and hours of searching and clicking.

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