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Jamaica shops

I not a heart-breaka I am a love maka. I'm not from Mexico I am from Jamaica. 
– Elephant Man

$1 - 1.0JMD
79 °
"Tropical Ball" by Aracil. Photo courtesy of Gallery of West Indian Art

Gallery of West Indian Art

  • Montego Bay, Gallery, $$$$ $$
  • 11 Fairfield Rd.
  • +1-876-952-4547
  • Website

This 50-year-old shop, in a residential neighborhood, sells handmade pottery, paintings, and wood carvings from well-known artists and up-and-comers from Haiti, Cuba, and Jamaica.  


  • Music and Movies, $$$$ $
  • 17 N. Parade
  • Kington
  • Website

Opened by Vincent Chin in the 1950s, the shop is still run by his son Carl, whose brother, Clive, runs New York's mighty VP Records. At around 300-400 J a piece, even if you just give Carl $20 USD and have him pick stuff out you like, you'll have genuine platelets from the heart of the world's favorite weed-smoking music. The Kingston shop is essentially a driftnet for the island’s unwanted vinyl, so the 45s can range from roots and rockers to dancehall and digital oddities. If the Bob Marley Museum is essentially the Graceland of Reggae, then Randy's is the shotgun shack in Tupelo, Mississippi.

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