The Caribbean itineraries

I really like the Caribbean. Anyplace in the Caribbean. I get there, and I feel like a monkey — the perfect state.
- Penelope Cruz

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Finding Neverland in Nevis

NEVIS, West Indies – You will likely float over a sea turtle, eel, or eagle ray, as we did on a regular basis. It’s that easy.

A St. Barths Quickie

ST. BARTS, Caribbean – Despite its reputation as a cheesy party island with oversized yachts and blinged-out bikinis, I found a quiet, charming Saint-Barthélemy on my visit. A perfect day trip.

Bahamas Dry Forest Illustrated

BAHAMAS, The Caribbean – From rose-throated parrots and Junonia shells to squatter camps and Bahamian guava jam, Erik Gauger shares his illustrated discoveries of the Bahamas coppice.

Offbeat Trinidad and Tobago

TRINIDAD – Instead of sounding like a cornball cruise ship outfit or bootleg Jimmy Buffet concert, it's like seeing Barry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra bang out long, progressive pieces of complex music. 

Love Letter: Parrot Cay

TURKS AND CAICOS – A boutique hotel on a private island with a flawless, white beach. Pinch yourself. It's real.

Turks and Caicos Is the Perfect Caribbean Island

TURKS AND CAICOS – If we’re giving points for convenience, ease of planning, water gorgeousness, and we-know-how-to-roll-out-the-welcome-mat-for-visitors, I’m giving the blue ribbon to T&C.

I Travel for the Salt

And then there was the time I carried the Atlantic Ocean home from Turks and Caicos to make homemade salt in my New York City apartment.

Paradise Found: Sugar Beach, St. Lucia

St. Lucia – A recent renovation has turned the new Caribbean resort into a completely low-key and casual sybaritic experience where your every whim is attended.

World's Best Hotels: Pink Sands Resort

HARBOUR ISLAND, The Bahamas – This is a place to lay in the sand, build a sand castle, dine on conch salad, and contemplate whatever it is you think about when you're barefoot.

He Built a Farm in Paradise

ST. CROIX – Old life: Atlanta, nature, parks. New life: Virgin Islands, farming, sustainability, giving back. Watch the new "Ex-Pats," and wonder, "could I trade my life for one in paradise?"

Giving Back: Ridge to Reef Farm

ST. CROIX, U.S.V.I. –  Living off the land in a manner that makes the place better is not only possible, it breeds inspiration and healing. And on top of that, people will pay for it.

"Ex-Pats" Launches on YouTube

The new YouTube Reserve Channel show features the dreamers who packed their bags, ditched their day jobs, and settled into wanderlusty new lives around the world.

Just Back From: Bermuda

BERMUDA – The island is covered in tropical plants and brightly painted cottages with white roofs. Lemon yellow, peach, salmon pink — even the churches come in sea-foam green and turquoise.

Best of the Web: Bermuda

We scoured the web to find the best articles, resources, and sites about Bermuda, saving your fingertips hours and hours of searching and clicking.

Just Back From: CuraƧao

CURAÇAO – What's the local speciality? Iguana stew. We did not partake. Any surprises? The biting bug population wasn't nearly at the level my wife dreaded. It's worse in Brooklyn.

Just Back From: Dominican Republic

Any surprises? The sugar cane plantations were interesting, but I didn't want to explore more. This trip was about relaxing and planting myself by the pool.

Coming in for The Landing

HARBOUR ISLAND, Bahamas – It's all about superb simplicity, laid-back atmosphere, and a slight British vibe. If I’ve undersold my love, let me be clear: This would be my Death Row meal.

Carving Out Art in Haiti

JACMEL, Haiti - Jacmel is known for its beach culture and local arts, and has just the right mix of relaxation and aesthetic vibrancy.

Bahamas with the Kids: Harbour Island Essentials

HARBOUR ISLAND, BAHAMAS – Relative inaccessibility has kept developers, big hotels, and obnoxious types away. The island may be pricey, but that won’t stop the chickens and lizards from wandering across your patio.

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