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So far as I am able to judge, nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature, to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds. Nothing seems to have been forgotten, nothing overlooked.

– Mark Twain

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The Taj and Me

INDIA – An imagined palace. An architectural fantasy. A gesture from Emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. A reader story.

Camel's Milk Chai in Pushkar

PUSHKAR, India – These are not Starbucks lattes. Camel-herding chai wallahs make their morning chai from scratch.

Little Black Book: A Chef's Tour of Jaipur

JAIPUR, India – It's one of the world's great shopping cities. Do you know where to find the tastiest snacks and the best textiles before they're marked up for Western export?

Touching the Roof of the World in Ladakh

LADAKH, India – The barren and breathtaking landscape at the roof of the world is an otherworldly experience. The stretch of the Himalayas is the ultimate India for explorers.

A Few Days in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD, India – Pearls and palaces, diamonds and mosques. We get an insider take on the capital of Andhra Pradesh in southern India.

WIN! A Dream Trip to India

One lucky person will win a $17,000 trip to India for two, to Delhi, Mumbai, and Udaipur. Want that person to be your? Then just enter yourself in the contest!

Fathom's India Giveaway: You Could Be Here

How great is the $17,000 India trip we're giving away be? Well, how easily can you picture yourself and someone you really, really like spending two days these amazing places? 

Literary Excerpt: Seen One Taj, Seen Mahal

"Why should I spend time and money on things and places I'm not interested in when so many overlooked experiences beckon?" An excerpt from Matt Gross's The Turk Who Loved Apples.

Best Day Ever: Bangalore

BANGALORE – The south-eastern Indian city has a vibrant theater scene, inspiring art, potent cocktails and photogenic burgers, and an urge to rock out. 

India Essentials: Know Before You Go

We're kicking off India Week on Fathom with the basics. Top of the list: More than hotels and itineraries and vaccinations, what you need in India is the right set of expectations.

Best Day Ever: Delhi

DELHI – The outward expansion of this city has created a beast in which there's way too much to see and do. You'll need a full 24 hours, a spare stomach, and teleportation abilities to cram it all in.

Fathom Questionnaire: Vandana Verma

Weirdest thing seen on travels: Weirdness is great. But the most inexplicable to me is those tourists who take endless pictures of buildings and fields.

In Focus: Mosques of My Travels

INDIA – Rafat Ali has traveled enough in the last year to fill three passports. In this photo essay, he captures mosques in New Delhi and Aligarh in India.

Tyger! Tyger!

MADHYA PRADESH, India – The elephant drivers set out on their hulking mounts to track the elusive tigers, then invite you to climb onto their rickety platforms up top.

Shobha Gets Schooled

HYDERABAD, India - An American business woman brings five generations together in The City of Pearls, and visits a school and orphanage she helped fund.

The Mother of All India Trips

INDIA – Everyone who has traveled with parents has a horror story. When you travel with old people, the goal is not family bonding. The goal is to get them home alive. 

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