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Hong Kong itineraries

Hong Kong has created one of the most successful societies on Earth.
– Prince Charles

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Best of the Web: Hong Kong

by Team Fathom

Best of the Web: Hong Kong
Vintage HK postcard.

We scoured the web to find the best articles, resources, and sites about Hong Kong — saving you hours of mind-numbing research.

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48 Hours in Hong Kong, by Mathew Bell (The Independent, 1/21/12)
The night skies are lighting up all over the Chinese city-state as residents welcome the dawn of the Year of the Dragon.

36 Hours in Hong Kong, by Naomi Lindt (The New York Times, 3/17/12)
From a Friday afternoon of art viewing to dim sum on Sunday morning.

Day and Night in Hong Kong, by Lindsay Clark (MatadorTV, 5/10/10)
Look at Hong Kong through lime and purple-colored glasses in this photo motion journey.

Romantic Hong Kong (Elle, 12/10/08)
The city's rich colonial history told through buildings, shops, and self-made tour stops.

A Family Trip to Hong Kong, by Amy Koller (Budget Travel, 5/08)
A writer, her husband, and their two children head to HK on assignment for a week.

Hope and Squalor at Chungking Mansion, by Karl Taro Greenfeld (World Hum, 8/13/07)
The notorious black-market bazaar, budget accommodations, and one possible over-populated, multi-ethnic future for us all.

My Hong Kong, by Jan Morris (National Geographic)
A personal essay about a harbor of perpetual change.

Free Things to Do in Hong Kong, by Cindy Scott (National Geographic)
A list of cultural events, workshops, outdoor trails, theater performances, and kid-friendly activities.


Lei Yue Men Seafood Stalls, by James Sturtz (AFAR, 01/12)
A quick tip on cracking marine life in HK.

The City: Hong Kong (DailyBeast, 12/05/11)
Underneath the glitz and gaudiness, Simon Winchester finds China.

Insiade Hong Kong's Private Kitchens, by Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan (The New York Times, 5/20/11)
Speakeasy dining rooms and hard-to-find kitchens serve up some of the city's most exciting nights out.

Better Than the Real Thing: Hong Kong's Imitation Shark's Fin (CNNGo, 5/27/11)
Three of the best bowls of imitation shark's fin show us why it is so easy to give up the controversial Chinese dish.

Buffalo Mozzarella: Hong Kong's Prodigal Cheese, by Krista Mahr (TIME, 3/31/10)
The favored cheese owes its sudden ubiquity to Hong Kong's new crop of boutique Italian eateries.

Hong Kong's Best Restaurants, by Gary Shteyngart (Travel + Leisure, 09/10)
A trip to Hong Kong (to meet up with local foodies) is framed by sustenance.

Haute Dim Sum in Hong Kong, by Lauren Shockey (T Magazine, 08/27/09)
The breakfast staple heads upmarket.

Walk Down Rua do Cunha, Macau, Where the Cookies are Made of Meat, by Hiufu Wong and Zoe Li (CNNGo 1/27/12)
Use your senses when strolling the gambling capital's ultimate food street.


Become a Hong Kong Hipster in Two Easy Steps, by Darren Frei (Shermans Travel, 3/2/09)
Recommendations for a vintage shop and cozy, hard-to-find bar.


Inside Wan Chai, Hong Kong's Red Light District (Gridskipper, 3/3/08)
Where to find loads of ladyboy streetwalkers and semi-legal girlie bars.


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