Hong Kong itineraries

Hong Kong has created one of the most successful societies on Earth.
– Prince Charles

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I Have One Day: Hong Kong Layover

HONG KONG – Arriving in Hong Kong is a mix of jet-lagged euphoria and sheer excitement. This one-day agenda packs in staggering views, street markets, mellow walks, and authentic food.

The Indie Side of Hong Kong Island

HONG KONG – Crafted coffee, artisanal pastries, design shops — smells like a scene. Hong Kong's Tink Labs founder shows us around the hot spots.

Hong Kong Food Diary

HONG KONG – Milk tea, steamed buns, and a few dim sum doodles. An illustrated guide to what and where to eat in Hong Kong.

New Shop: Hong Kong

HONG KONG – It's a whole new level of hotels, malls, and men's suiting. Shop like a tai-tai post-dim sum.

Hong Kong Essentials

HONG KONG – The city is united in its unabashed consumerist culture, and time is money. Better move quickly.

Best of the Web: Hong Kong

We trolled the internet so you don't have to. Here are links to articles, info, and resources for Hong Kong. 

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