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Nantucket Essentials

NANTUCKET – White Elephants and Nantucket Reds, chocolate doughnut and clambakes. It's an A to Z of the island where they applaud the sunset and love to paah-ty.

Aperol from the Roman Gods

ROME, Italy – He delivered the spritz to me in a red wine glass — not a chalice, as my dream memory had translated it — and it was the most refreshing balance of flavors I have ever tasted.

Fathom Questionnaire: Sally Horchow

Weirdest thing seen on travels: An angry couple outside the American Airlines Admiral's Club complaining that they had to "wait in line to get in to OUR CLUB." Like it was their country club in Boca or something.

Yo Amo Mii Amo

SEDONA, Arizona – Crystals figure prominently in the Mii Amo journey — this is Sedona, after all. Every morning, you “set your intentions for the day” in the Crystal Grotto while staring at a rock sculpture. I committed to leaving my Type-A at home, and I got on board.

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