All posts by: Lawrence LaRose

The Kid Loves the Dude

WYOMING, USA – He will want nothing more than to ride for the next week, just like the rest of us. We head off into the big wide open. The Snowy Range mountains are in the distance, and the sky is painted a shade of blue I’ve never seen. 

The Real New York Underground

HOWES CAVE, New York – The place is amazing, 156 feet below the surface of the earth with stalagmites, stalactites, and an infinity of other crazy formations.

Take Me Out to the Cooperstown

COOPERSTOWN, New York – We dropped in to check out the National Baseball Hall of Fame and were astounded, not by the Hall so much, but by the town. 

Norman's Place

STOCKBRIDGE, Massachusetts – It was time explore some culture. Because it was raining and there was no laser tag emporium. So we headed to the Norman Rockwell Museum. 

East Coast Grand Canyon

PENNSYLVANIA, USA – After climbing a vertigo-inducing lookout tower and catching our breath, we got down to the river’s edge and rented boats. The water was a low in July, but a wonderful adventure: bouncy whitewater fun and spectacular sightseeing.

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