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24 Hours in Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto

BERKELEY, California – A neighborhood so highly concentrated with delicious food your waistband may not survive the day. Go and taste one of everything, then taste one more.

Rocking Red: A Few Days in Moab

MOAB, Utah – It appeals to the extremes of travel engagement, from adrenaline junkies to relaxation seekers. Like Cinderella’s castle, it’s where your wildest outdoor fantasies come true. 

Swimming with Whale Sharks

LA PAZ, Mexico – I knew it wouldn't attack me. Whale sharks eat plankton and algae, for goodness sake. But when a 15-foot anything is swimming towards you, and you're practically naked, it's freaky.

Fashion Spotlight: Made in Nairobi

NAIROBI, Kenya – Before the designers are discovered by Bergdorf, Neiman, and Kate Middleton, they're in their ateliers, weaving beads, bone, and horn into stunning clothes and accessories.

I Slept with Mark Twain's Ghost

MURPHYS, California – But despite having been eternally scorned, Eleanor is a friendly ghost. She likes to haunt the kitchen, where she tends to throw small objects like coffee beans.

A Few Days In Scottsdale, Arizona

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – You're here for the hikes, the wide-open sky and rugged, desert terrain, and the visual symphony of Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture.

The Devil Is in the Pumpkins

SPOKANE, Washington – Ah, autumn. Time of the harvest. Time of the bounty. Time to get out the ultra-violent pumpkins.

Farming, Foraging, and Feasting in Wales

WALES – Going to London for the food? Detour to Wales, where the food scene is thriving. I expected to eat fried, bland food and gray vegetables and drink basic pub beer. I was ridiculously mistaken.

Love Letter: Cibolo Creek Ranch, TX

MARFA, Texas – We went deep into the Chinati Mountains to find abandoned Texas Ranger houses, Native American rock art, and panoramic vistas perched high above the ranch.

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