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Less Than 24 Hours in Paris? No Problem.

PARIS – This is a great place to watch the relaxed, poetic Paris. Fountains, statues, perfectly manicured lawns, and wild flowers frame that which France rightfully owns.

A Weekend in Houston

HOUSTON, Texas – What began as my wary, stubborn, New York-centric attitude has turned into an open, loving embrace and endorsement of H-Town. See? I'm already using the local lingo.

Following Georgia O'Keeffe's Footsteps

SANTA FE, New Mexico – Georgia O'Keeffe was the inspiration for a recent trip to the Southwest. Start with the flawless New Mexico sky: It never has a bad day.

Eye Candy: Scenes of Santa Fe

SANTA FE, New Mexico – Stunning sunsets, dramatic skulls, imposing mesas, easy sunflowers. It's what the eye beholds around these parts of the Southwest USA. Cue the travel porn.

No Sleep Till Miami

MIAMI – More fireworks and sparklers make their way through the attractive crowd. Another bottle of Dom arrives. So this is what it’s like to live in a rap video.

First Impressions of Burma

YANGON, Myanmar – After years of turbulence, this beautiful city opens its heart to the world. Kate Donnelly has a look around.

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