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New Orleans Is Music to My Ears

Eclectic jazz pianist Eddie Bo has a great quote that goes, "If you smoke a cigarette, they’ll have a parade for it. Then if you die from the cigarette, they’ll be a parade for that too."

New York City's New Boutique Hotels

NEW YORK CITY – From bars, events, and curated mini bars, the latest crop of boutique properties takes great pains to brandish their personality, aesthetic, and point of view.

Ask Fathom: How to Honeymoon in Italy

We are getting married in June and neither of us have been to Italy. Our loose idea is to spend ten days traveling through Tuscany, Florence, Rome, and the Amalfi Coast. How do you suggest we do it?

Consider the [Maine] Lobster

PORTLAND, Maine – A late summer/fall trip to New England's (literal) top state delivers a gorgeous coastline, incredible dining scene, and wholesome outdoorsy fun with smaller crowds and low prices.

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