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Love Letter: Nopi in London

LONDON – This is passion, raw and unfettered. This is an Olympic gymnast in the kitchen. This is simple, you're told. "Five ingredients."

Chicago: How to Eat Like a Local

CHICAGO – Food is how Chicago defines itself and how Chicagoans define themselves.  Most importantly, we're nice. We welcome newcomers. Especially if they feed us well.

Learning to Sit Still in Sonoma

RUSSIAN RIVER VALLEY, California – It's rare that I travel someplace where I'm looking forward to doing so much and am content doing so little.

Fathom Questionnaire: Emily Fiffer

Weirdest thing seen on travels: Probably a pair of drag queens making out at Heathrow Airport. I was 13, traveling with my grandma, and awkwardly stunned.

Take Me Back to Camp

WISCONSIN, USA – Mug in hand, I’d trek a mile through the woods, coming full circle just in time to catch a card game or a freshly lit fire. I spent hours reading in a rocking chair, and more hours climbing creaky steps to explore the treehouse.

Afterhours Science Experiments

TORONTO – The drink is a bonfire in my mouth. And I’m officially drunk. Not too drunk to enjoy every last drop, nor too tipsy to call it a night. And sober enough to commit it to memory.   

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