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Beaches and Beer for a Billion

QINGDAO, China – Any Hamburg native might feel right at home in Qingdao's Old Town, graced with cherry blossom trees and storybook Bavarian architecture.

Elephants and Wine. Really.

HUA HIN, Thailand – Wineries in Southeast Asia? Yes. New latitude wines are unexpected in so many ways. Just try taking an elephant ride through a Bordeaux vineyard.

Fathom Questionnaire: Adam H. Graham

Everywhere I go, I check out the grocery stores. It's important to see people run errands. I always swim in a body of natural water if possible. If it's not possible, something's wrong. 

Hospitals and Harps in the Desert

ABU DHABI, UAE – Its hospitals were far more representative of this fast-changing and misunderstood modern city than any of its determined and didactic architecture.

Mexican! Butterflies! Everywhere!

MICHOÁCAN, MEXICO – The branches of the pine trees are heavy and laden with orange butterflies; the air is heavily trafficked with zig-zagy saffron and black flight patterns. You can hear their collective wingbeats fill the still air. 

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