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Team Fathom

Photo: National Maritime Museum / Flickr Commons

Hey, Fathom. Tell us a little something about yourselves.

We're crazy about travel (like you). We love great stories (like you). We love sharing our discoveries (like you).

And we travel to help you travel.

Come and meet who we are.


Pavia Rosati

Pavia Rosati

Occupation: Founder/CEO
Dying to visit: Chile from top to tail, New Zealand, Ecuador, Botswana, the Turkish Islands, the Canadian Rockies, the fjords of Norway (since 1990).
I travel for the four-hour lunches.
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Jeralyn Gerba

Jeralyn Gerba

Occupation: Co-Founder/Editorial director
Dying to visit: Yap, Himalayas, thermal ryokans of Japan, Buenos Aires, Petra (ever since I saw that Annie Leibovitz photo of Susan Sontag), somewhere with 23 hours of daylight, anywhere via luxury train.
I travel for the perspective.
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Berit Baugher

Berit Baugher

Occupation: Assistant editor
Dying to visit: Montenegro, Bhutan, Vietnam, and Istanbul.
I travel for the thrill. Nothing beats stepping out of your everyday life to experience something new.
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Becky Cheang

Becky Cheang

Occupation: Editorial assistant
Dying to visit: Mexico City, Peru, Iceland, Morocco, the 'Stans in Asia.
I travel for the the stories that the local people, buildings, and food have to share.
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Stephanie March

Stephanie March

Occupation: Actor / Activist / Chronic Wanderer
Dying to visit: Petra, Varanasi, Lake Turkana. (It's endless.)
I travel for the sheer animal pleasure of seeing something new.
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Anna Watson Carl

Anna Watson Carl

Occupation: Cook, writer.
Dying to visit: The cinnamon forests of Vietnam.
I travel for the food!
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Malika Dalamal

Malika Dalamal

Occupation: Writer and editor.
Dying to visit: Tulum, Tokyo, Sedona, Rio, Berlin.
I travel for the change of scenery and the sun.
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Kate Donnelly

Kate Donnelly

Occupation: Writer.
Dying to visit: Istanbul, Morocco, Portugal, Botswana, Bhutan, Sicily, Chilean Patagonia and Atacama Desert, and Machu Picchu.
I travel because the journey is the destination.
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Melanie Dunea

Melanie Dunea

Occupation: Photographer.
Dying to visit: Bhutan, more of India, Turkey, anywhere off the beaten path — and I mean anywhere.
I travel for the best shot.
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Erica Firpo

Erica Firpo

Occupation: Freelance writer.
Dying to visit: Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Russia.
I travel for the brand new headspace.
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Sally Horchow

Sally Horchow

Occupation: writer, web show host/curator, Broadway producer.
Dying to visit: South Africa.
I travel for the meals and the memories.
On Fathom: Questionnaire | Stories.

Juliana Jaoudi

Juliana Jaoudi

Occupation: Digital stuff.
Dying to visit: Sub-Saharan Africa.
I travel for the fresh air.
On Fathom: Questionnaire | Stories

Lanee Lee

Lanee Lee

Occupation: Web Show Co-Host / Writer
Dying to visit: Cuba, Myanmar, Tasmania, Jeju Island.
I travel for the childlike wonders and for golden moments of bliss.
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Crystal Meers

Crystal Meers

Occupation: Writer, Editor
Dying to visit: Sweden, Denmark, Russia, India, Ireland, Blackberry Farm.
I travel for the change of scenery.
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Christina Ohly

Christina Ohly

Occupation: Writer and consultant
Dying to visit: India, Mozambique, Argentina, Megève, San Ysidro Ranch (I don't know why). The list goes on.
I travel for the local color. I love hearing people's stories, seeing their daily routines, and learning about their cultures.
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Hilary Rifkin

Hilary Bass Rifkin

Occupation: Head of PR/Marketing and PT, Lomax Bespoke Fitness, Nutrition and Wellbeing
Dying to visit: Peru, Tanzania, Argentina, Vienna.
I travel for the relief and inspiration.
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Crystal Meers

Alyssa Shelasky

Occupation: Writer
Dying to visit: Seville; anywhere I haven't been yet in Spain.
I travel for the simple reason that I just can't get enough.
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Heather Taylor

Heather Taylor

Occupation: Art gallery owner/art consultant, writer.
Dying to visit: Morocco.
I travel for the inspiration.
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A mighty talented and interesting group of writers, editors, chefs, designers, directors, photographers, artists, and adventurers.

Waris Ahluwalia

Rafat Ali

Rose Apodaca

Andrea Arria-Devoe

Laura Aviva

Richard Bangs

Monica Barnett

Daniel Boulud

Becca Bergman Bull

Larry Burnett

Kimberly Burns

Justin Carter

Christine Champagne

Scott Conant

Douglas Anthony Cooper

Julia Cosgrove

Celine S. Cousteau

Clare Crespo

Lou Cuthbertson

Tiffany J. Davis

Alpana Deshmukh

Kerry Diamond

Elana Dweck

Eve Epstein

Emily Fiffer

Saam Gabbay

Gabriella Gershenson

Adam H. Graham

Laura House

Rita Jammet

David Kamp

Kelsey Keith

Caroline Kinneberg

Dannielle Kyrillos

Lawrence LaRose

Joan Larsen

Tiffany Lau

Cyrena Lee

James Ledbetter

Veronique Lievre

Dr. Frank Lipman

Ben Leventhal

Geren Lockhart

Elise Loehnen

Rob Long

Danielle Lurie

Robert Christian Malmberg

John Bemelmans Marciano

Courtney Maum

Kelley McMillan

Dr. Mark Melrose

Andria Mitsakos

Biba Milioto

Deborah Needleman

Jill Paris

Charyn Pfeuffer

Joanna Prisco

Jay Riedl

Matt Rodbard

Maria Russo

Kerry Saretsky

Deborah Schoeneman

Ben Schott

Gail Simmons

James Sturz

Rima Suqi

Tereasa Surratt

J.B. Taylor

John Voigtmann

Suzanne Weinert

Erin Wylie

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